Quadcopter X8 configuration


I am going to convert my standard quad to a X8 configuration.

Are there any particular points I should take into account about either mechanical or electrical setup ?

I intend to use smaller props on top and larger ones on the bottom as it appears from research that this optimizes the efficiency of such coaxial configs (that are known to loose up to 30% of efficiency versus standard one plane versions).

I will put 10"x4,7 on top and 11"x4,7 on bottom.

Due to the bottom props, I will have to get rid of my current landing legs (are in the way of bottom props). So I plan to get an undercarriage type of landing system.

Will I be able to download the X8 firmware from mission planner setup screen or do I have to edit the config.h file to uncomment the OCTO_QUAD define ?

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  • Developer

    OctaQuad is one of the frame types available through the mission planner's firmware screen so you shouldn't have to do the #define thing any more.

  • I've had great results in various coax set ups using the same diameter but different pitch props, eg, 3.8 & 4.5 or 4.7.

    It probably won't be as noticeable on an octocopter but a coax hex with different diameter would probably not fly very well due to the different responsiveness of the different diameters
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