question about *.log - GPS starts mid flight

I was doing a few short flights to check acceleration values (az). During this flight the GPS data didn't start until half way through the flight. The second flight the data started at the beginning like it always does.

Any idea what can cause this? 

Is the vibration low enough for 2.9.x ?



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         The GPS data starting later just means that you didn't get gps lock before taking off.  Blue light on the APM will go solid when it's got a 3d Lock.

         The vibration levels look quite bad so you'll need to sort that out with some vibration dampening before moving to 2.9.1.  Generally you need to get the vibration on z-axis to be between -5 ~ -15.  Currently they're jumping between +30 ~ -50 so you have a long way to go.  Good that you checked before upgrading though!


  • Sorry, this is an APM 2.0, Quad-c with external LEA6 GPS.

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