question about waypoint planning

Hi Everyone:

    The mission I want to plan is like the followings:

    once I switch Auto on,

1. the arducopter will fly to the waypoint1 (33.420526,-111.9252348)

2. the arducopter will loiter at WP1 for 5 secs

3. after that the arducpter will fly to WP2 (3.4203918,-111.9255352)

4. once it reaches WP2, it will return to launch position.

attached is the screenshot of my mission planner



I know the waypoints may be too close but just for demonstration. The waypoints log file is:

#define WP_RADIUS 3 // What is the minimum distance to reach a waypoint?
#define LOITER_RADIUS 10  // How close to Loiter?
#define HOLD_CURRENT_ALT 0 // 1 = hold the current altitude, 0 = use the defined altitude to for RTL
#define ALT_TO_HOLD 0

float mission[][5] = {

Can any one take a look at it and tell if it will achieve my purpose?

Also, should I add a LOITER_UNLIM or LAND command after RTL so that it will loiter at home poision or land there? What would happen if I add nothing after RTL?

Thank you very much


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  • 100KM

    If you add nothing after RTL, the copter will automatically go into loiter and stay loitering over home until you switch it to another mode.

    About the mission I can also say that this is also how I would do it, but I haven't flown enough missions since the changes to command order to be sure it will work as expected.

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