pls let me know if RTKLib is supported by PX and RTK from Caster can be uploaded to GPS chip via MAVLink

Let me know live tests of RTK real-time corrected GPS in land survey in agriculture.

I would like to get raw output GPS to test RTK but every piece of information on RTK I get from Japan.

Is there any public NTRIP server/ caster providing rtcm3 for tests and mobile GPS station, providing raw gps output as data streams to let

run some tests ?

Do you fly RTK GPS drone and can send rtcm samples ( as RTKLib developer)

for tests and visualization, RTK GPS is worth of its price ($100+)

for a single drone.

I really need verified, high accuracy GPS system to test in self-driving car to control track, to have operator/ driver protected against  GPS accuracy problems.

Since access to NTRIP servers is restricted, do you know any public NTRIP server , just for tests or can you set up one for open tests ?

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    • Thank you.

      I have contacted Eric about his another article on RTKLib and NTRIP client for smartphone.

      I mean public NTRIP server = open, no restrictions, on-line to just save rtcm3 sample

      for post-processing against GSM raw data feed from another open place

      to just see, what I get ( post-processing via RTKLib developed by prof. Takasu)

      I would like to study GPS raw to match rtcm from veery remote RTK broadcaster

      and draw plot via RTKPlot.

      Is RTKLib really dead project ?

      I finally I would like to develop all-software RTK corrected generic GPS solution.


      1. generic GPS unit (GPS , Glonass, ...)

      open ntrip RTK samples

      and real-time correction made.

    • California Real Time Network (CRTN) Registration

      CRTN is a multipurpose statewide real-time network that utilizes the existing geophysical GPS infrastructure in California and provides the backbone for the geodetic control network that is outlined in the California Spatial Reference Center (CSRC) Master Plan. It provides accurate and reliable real-time positioning services that are consistent and on a common reference system, the California Spatial Reference System (CSRS), which fulfills the requirements of the California Public Resources Codes for GPS-derived geodetic coordinates and orthometric heights. CRTN offers free open access to RTCM data streams for single-base RTK positioning with respect to the CSRS and multiple real-time data streams are available to CRTN Contributing and Consortium Members.

    • Thank you Clarence,

      I would like to develop higher-precision car navigation.

      I am in talks with major mobile telephone operators from EU.

      Since GPS-enabled smartphone is major car navigation add-on today

      I would like mobile telephony operators to implement RTK broadcasting is service so to let drivers, farmers to get improved, corrected, higher accuracy

      GPS geolocation service.

      Smartphones generally don't offer raw data GPS output to be real-time processed against RTK rtcm3 feed.

      So I develop DGPS or improved accuracy GPS car navigation system, based

      on RTK data feed and real time NMEA processing to get DGPS based on

      GPS geolocation offset received from a trusted Ground Control Points.

      To set up an array of GPC GPS RTK broadcasters is highly challenging task

      so I am in talks with mobile operator to upgrade mobile telephony tower transmitters with RTK data feed as a service.

      One option is radio brodcast via  DVB-T transmitters, since broadcast can be processed alike Teletext data feed in the past and wireless/ WiFi or 3G/4G Internet bandwidth sets no limit.

      I would like to release RTK GPS smartphone as demonstration/ evaluation kit as soon as possible.

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