• If you have a tablet or smart phone the 'Real Flight' Flight Simulator has a Quad in the paid access. It is pretty basic and doesn't have any 'flight modes', but it may be better than nothing. That said, like Greg said a Nano Quad really is a great low danger way to practice; that is what I did.
  • The very best simulator for quadcopter flying is a quadcopter. Buy one of those inexpensive quads and fly it, get spare batteries so you can fly it lots. It makes so much more sense than the computer simulators. 

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    Ardupilot has two different kinds of simulators: Software In The Loop (SITL) and Hardware In The Loop (HITL). HITL uses a physical flight controller (Pixhawk, APM, etc.) and simulates the environment and vehicle. SITL simulates everything, including the flight controller, with software. It's my understanding that these simulators support all the ardupilot vehicles, including quadcopters. I personally have only used SITL but it's worked well for my testing. You can read more about both of these simulation methods here:  It's important to note that SITL (and maybe HITL) is run through mavproxy so you will need to learn how to use mavproxy to control the vehicle. You can learn more about how to use mavproxy here:

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