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I am using Crius AIOP v2 ( prefer to use APM board) but the AIOP board is provided during a competition.  I planned to used MegapirateNG 2.5.5 where it port Arducopter 2.5.  Need to know what version suitable for the APM mission planner

I am using Windows XP and have install .NET framework 3.5 and .NET framework 4

I am new and appreciate an assitance



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  • Wondering on the internet especially in the forum but not much information on programming the waypoint, and felt hopeless.  However I just read the manual on mission planning and looking at the mission file.  Saving the simulated gps navigation > filename.txt to any directory.  I am able to see the file format for the mission file.  I think it is possible to write a small program to reproduce the mission file.  Need to learn python script,  hope fully can test it soon slowly

  • Ahh

    Just download the APM mission planner 1.2.36 

    Installed it on a folder of my desktop > run the installation >  the software also provide the driver for Arduino + 3D robotic hardware >

    The latest version of MegapirateNG is 2.8. and it port Arducopter 2.8.1.  Hopefully the mission planner is compatible


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