Sonar for walls

Hi everybody !

For my next project, I would like to build a quad capable of not a hitting a wall while climbing (to follow a building for instance) and not the ground, like what this guy did

Could you confirm me that I could build a quad like this and what are the main steps for it ? APM or Pixhawk for instance ? Would it be difficult ?

I have not yet any of them (just played with other boards such as CC3D or KK2)

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Guillaume,

    That link was from me, i had the copter under control from 4 sonars at once- one out of the front, one out of each side and one below. It wasn't finished but had started to work quite well.

    It involved writing it bit of custom code, and a lot of tuning. The project I was working on was shelved due to other commitments, but I would be happy to revive it. Drop me a PM if you'd like to find out more. 

    •  Hi Dave!!

      I was searching for a solution for the problem, to endgadge the dron to a fixed distance of a building facade to take pictures and movies of it to analice pathologies.

      Can you please send me help and stuff to work on it?

      I am thinking to work with pixhawk controller with hexacopter, is it right?

      Tanks in advance!!



    • Hi Dave !

      Wow wow wow ! This is a HUGE surprise, because I wrote to you on Youtube (comment) but saw that you did not answer to others.

      Alright, to me, you are a kind of God. So, I just sent a friend request right to heaven. Hope you accept it and then I will be able to PM you.

      Best Regards,

      Guillaume Fabre

  • Guillaume,

    Here is pretty cool implementing of your concept. For sale for the Phantom:
    • Oh, now that you tell me, I saw you some months back. Forgot about it with time. Thanks for reminding me. I will follow you from now on.

      I do not have a Phantom and will not have. I have a V303 though (clone of Phantom). That could be a try. Anyway, I would like to build a specific project and the shape of the Phantom prevents it. Will you provide a simple kit (or, anyway, is it simple to disasemble and adapt ?).

      When will it be available (approx) ? What is the approx price range ?

      Thanks Michael ! :)

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