TBS Discovery & Pixhawk load of problems :(

Good morning DIY DRONES,

You guys are my only hope as I have tried everything I can to fix this problems but it seems like an never ending journey.

So, let's me start by saying that I have followed and researched about every possible way to build a TBS Discovery with Pixhawk but my knowledge is still very limited, as I keep on reading, I feel like I have made so many stupid mistake.

So my TBS build list:

TBS Discovery w/ core.

900kv TBS motors and bulletproof escs

9x5 propellers

Pixhawk w/ GPS

4500mah 4s battery.

I have been facing so many problems since thay day I switch from 750kv to 900kv, as everybody said the samething, 900kv is way much better, better bearing, i choose 900kv for long flight etc...

After I install the 900kv on my tbs, everything started to fall apart, Mag_field is really high, over 680 :( Vibration is absolutely ridiculous (eventhough my X+Y axis is still under range but my Z is way beyond measure). My quad could not hold position or altitude, when I fly in stabilize mode it seems to be okie but when i switched from stabilize to either Loiter or Altitude hold, the quad started shooting up and down just like when you change throttle from lowest position to highest in a matter of second. I have to switch to stabilize mode immediately other it will keeps going up.

Could you guys please help me to make this right, i'm truly desperate, i have tried everything but non of them seems to work. 

Please find my attachment for the log file, i have tried to fly it as long as i can to review the problems. Please DIYDrones, you are my only hope. 2014-09-12%2023-29-04.log

P/s: I have calibrated all escs,  compass, etc.. I followed the introduction closely but non seems to work




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    • its just a basic fw450 with a pixhawk. dji motors and optoE300 ESC. I didn't think those could be calibrated?? Probably wrong like on all this stuff. LMAO Humor and stress go hand in hand.

      I adjusted the throttle mid and it helped the throttle in value but throttle out is still way to high. 75%

      My builder is running the exact same setup but with a nazi controller and they fly 58 ounces all day long.

      I'll try some of the suggestions and see if they work.a Maybe I'm on the wrong track here. It will fly all day like this no issues. It's when any amount of weight is added problems occur.

      It's still in one piece. What more could I ask for.

  • AllUpWeight = 4lbs 7oz

    3701829966?profile=originalIncludes battery, Petfinder Marco Polo, GoPro, etc.  Missing telemetry Radio.

    Hovers at 55%.

    • Oh my dream flying machine, you got everything on there. I wish i've gone for the Pro.. Now i'm stuck with a discovery and a gimbal. my overall weight is above 4.5 lbs which is incredible heavy :(

    • I rolled by my firmware to 3.4. I may have to do a tethered test flight today. As a first time real drone owner this is getting steep on the learning curve. I have to be able to trust this thing to run small missions. Post results later. :-)

    • Firmware version 3.1.4. Still over 80% thrust. Any ideas yall?


    • Hey Mark,

      1- Is this a TBS Disco?

      2- Would you try AltHold mode?  My throttle was was high is Stabilize, too.  I was at the point of trying to set the 'Throttle MidPoint' when all my problems commenced.

    • I'm still having the exactly problem, i have tried the 3.1.4 today but the result was exactly the same. I've noticed no different at all :(

    • I'm having a similar issue with a pixhawk 38.8 ounces and running about 80% throttle in and out for stabilized hover.


    • Hmm.. this look weird, even for myself, my Thr-in and thr-out at loiter is still very close to each other like yours in stabilise.

    • opto e300 esc dji 2212 920k motors. It doesnt matter if it a 2800 or 4200 battery its still way high.

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