• I loaded the latest firmware onto my standard 3DR quad, apm 2.5 today, and the standard .param file, only done stab flying, but it appears to be quite locked in.

    Oh, the clicking noises from the motors are gone too :-)

    • Well, I reloaded the firmware and calibrated the copter.  It twitched about three times and took a nose dive at about 12 feet.  It took out three Graupner props and an 8000 mAh battery.  - not happy.

      As I have mentioned before, this is not my first APM.  Verrrrrrry frustrated.

      Attached is the tlog.

      Need some help.



      2014-06-27 15-18-15.tlog

    • I could be wrong, but something looks suspect in the RAW_IMU graphs.  If so, what is the cause? 

      Need some help.


  • Try to erase then reboot board.
    • Okay

      Also, when you say erase, do you mean the following?





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    Upgrade to latest firmware

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