Hi~~every one~~~~
I tried the method "Geo-tag images" using Mission Planner to inject GPS data from telemetry logs into EXIF tags these days. 

I refer to this web:

My camera is canon S100, and I use PIXHAWK V3.3.2 Quad, Mission planner is 1.3.35.


The method I use is "time offset".  

The following is what I try~~

I am Taiwanese, so there are some Chinese in the software. 

I can get a number 252.975.
No matter I use 252.975 or 252 or 253 to do the next step, it all can inject the GPS data into EXIF tags.
But the GPS data of every picture is wrong.  

AS I observed, the time of GPS data is early. (later picture match early GPS data) 

AND when I put "0" into second offset, the magical thing happen!!!
It still can inject the GPS data into every picture.
And the GPS data of every picture is right!!!
Actually, I don’t know whether the GPS data of every picture when I use number “0” is right or not.

When I put these pictures into Google earth, they can array well according to GPS data and surface view.

I am very confused about these, can somebody tell me what happen??




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