Troubling Take Off

I'am having some serious problems with my JDrones Arducopter during takeoff.

I cannot get the Quad to just hover in one spot during takeoff, it always wants to go off in a particular direction, like it has a mind of its own.  I have balanced props, balanced battery, calibrated the ESC although that was some ago.  Do the ESC's have to be recalibrated over time?

I'am running version 2.5 software at present.

Could this problem be hardware related, such as electronics oilpan problem?

I need some expert advise on take off problems and how to solve this issue.

Please help


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  • In general, when you are close to the ground, no aircraft/heli will stay in a single place because they create a vortex of spinning air that you are trying to balance the machine on top of. It's called ground effect.

    This is why flying heli's is a skill. It's best to start off with a regular RC heli, learn to fly it, and then try one of these expensive drones.

    That said, get the drone above 3 feet and still see if you have no control and then we can make a decision wether it's the machine or just ground effect. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Tom, please upgrade to the latest software (2.8.1). The team can't support old software 

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