Twitch on flight mode switch

My asymetric quad flies really well with an APM 2.6 on Copter.3.2.1 and MP 1.3.25.

But I've noticed that there is a slight roll twitch when I switch from any other mode to Loiter. Just once.

Otherwise rock solid in loiter, and responsive in stabilised and Altitude....Any ideas?

Can someone tell me where to look for relevant onfo in the logs? Thanks. DP

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  • Developer


    Try graphing the dataflash message's ATT messages's desired roll vs actual roll.  Especially around where the MODE message appears (which will indicate when the flight mode was changed).

    • Thanks Randy, I'll try that.

      By the way, in 'Teathered' mode should the craft follow smoothly? Mine follows, but only hesitatingly.....

      Something to do with packets of data sent and received?

      Best DP

    • Flew again today Randy and have had a look at the ATT messages. Not quite sure what I'm looking at in terms of the meaning...Perhaps you would be so kind as to interpret the attached?

      Thanks. DP

      2015-07-07 10-42-06.log
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