Hi guys,


I am struggling with my first ArduCopter hexa project and right now I feel a litte down-hearted about my progress (lack of).

I have been able to fly it decently in Stabilize mode, but it´s oscillating in roll axis so there is definitely some PID tuning to do. So this day was dedicated to PID tuning and I was starting out with good hope.


But I did not get far, since I am not able to alter even ONE single parameter! I just keep getting this error message box (and similars):


And it does the same for ANY parameter I try to adjust. Error comes a few seconds after I click the Write Params button. (Clicking the Refresh Params seems to work as supposed to.)

I currently use 2.0.49 and Mission Planner 1.0.84.

Some moments ago  I did a "Reset APM Hardware to default", hoping for that to make a difference. It did not. I use the Planner to upload firmware and to do the setup. Communication in general seems to work great between Mission Planner and APM unit, 

As I also pointed out (in another recent forum post) I am totally unable do enter calibration values in the Mission Planner/Configuration/Setup/Battery tab. I wonder if that problem is caused by the same root problem, what ever that might be.

I attached a copy of my current parameter file.

Any more of you guys have this problem?


So what is wrong and what is the remedy?



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  • It looks decimal separator . or , problem, regional setting etc.

  • And by the way, is it possible to adjust PID parameters using the CLI?

    (if so, where can I find how to?)



    PS. Don´t know if this is of any relevance, but the CLI reports "FW Version 111" after the Init.

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