For next years Makerspace at our Middle School we thinking on doing a Near Space Balloon launch.

I love all the telemetry wrapped up in the APM for such a low price, GPS, Mag, Baro, Accel and more not to mention easy exporting to an KLM and other logs.

Since we are already putting a lipo on board to power the camera(s) I was thinking we could also add a APM 2.6 if we could somehow get it to arm and keep it armed to collect the data during flight. Estimating about 90 minutes or so in the air.  One worry I have is would it use all its memory before the 90 minutes was complete?

I can add an Rx to get it armed but won't have motors/esc, If there is a way to arm it and leave it armed without motors is there a list of Advanced params I need to change to make this happen.

If anyone knows of a better telemetry only I can get same price range as APM that would be appreciated to.

I know this is off topic of drones, if there is a better fourm for APM only questions I can move this there.

Thanks again, Ed,

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    • Developer

      Hi Ed.  I haven't tested your specific configuration or requirements so you should definitely satisfy yourself its going to work before parting with your hard earned cash.  I can tell you it "should" work with all the guarantees that's implies :-)

      Thanks, Grant.

    • Thanks Grant,  I know no guarantees but at least I have your "best guess now" ;)

      I don't want to keep "experimenting" with my Official 3DR FC mounted on my expensive TBS because my TBS is too valuable, so I'll just pick up a clone or an old used 3DR cheap on ebay and get back to testing this.  Since this will never get a Tx/Rx I will never be able to even do a Tx calibration so it may be pretty iffy if it will arm :-D

      Anyhow you guys are the best, fallback is get an old iPhone 4 and use that but I think your telemetry is a little better.

      Thanks Grant!!

    • Grant,

      This is wonderful news!  We do not require any "Real time" telemetry tracking, this will surely keep the cost and complexity to a minimum especially if we add it to the middle school makerspace program next year.   I purchased a $40 GPRS Tracker for some real time tracking and recovery.   Adding a Pixhawk will give us loads of data for a good price.  I only wanted an APM for obvious cheapness.  But if the impact breaks the APM then we would loose all the data, but with the sim card this would surely help in a harder than expected crash and getting the data off even if FC broke, good info and highly appreciated.

      Not to mention if I find it I can put the pix on my TBS Disco ;-)

  • Easy, just use something like a PIC 12F675 to output a "servo" pulse train of the correct timing to arm the APM.

    Connect that to the "Mode" pins of the APM, heck, that will draw so little current, you can even power it from the APM.

    Or just check, maybe the APM will record data, even without being armed..........

    • maybe the APM will record data, even without being armed
      good point, ill check tonight...duh!

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