VTOL Copter Plane Catamaran Hybrid


I would like to access calculation tools to let me build
prototype of VTOL Copter - Fixed Wing Plane Hybrid
then upgraded with Catamaran for Water takeoff and water landing.

I would like to have such hybrid ready for VTOL operation at Shellfish Farm not to risk any copter/ drone crash at sea.

I am looking for basic calculator tools like:
lift force vs. energy consumption vs. weight vs. RPM speed

On take off RPM can be calculated, then RPM reduced in horizontal flight, then increased back on vertical landing
and slowly reduced to land safely on a water.

I need to calculate ground V-take off vs. water V-take off
energy consumption.

Such VTOL Copter - Plane - Catamaran Hybrid should supervise
ShellFish Farm day and night ( video cam, thermal, night vision) detecting intrusers via real-time image processing

Pls let me know your opinion.

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  • Moderator

    My opinion: "We're not quite there yet"

    Batteries - need triple or quadruple the energy density that we have now for the same weight. Carrying multiple cameras, gimbals, motors, batteries, transmittors, ESC's, etc, draws a lot of power

    Real time image processing is still in it's infancy for modellers/DIY's, only now are the mini computers getting powerful and small enough.

    Thermo cameras are expensive even for low resolution, image recognition at low resolutions isn't great. They also need to ideally be stabilized in 3 axis'.

    VTOL uses a lot of power, the source of which has to be carried the entire flight, as well as the "lift" motors/props/esc's, fuel cells and other alternative power sources will probably evolve into something practical but I think "we're not quite there yet".

  • What is the advantage over a fixed floating electronic sentry, with wireless link and solar battery charging?

    Perhaps a tethered blimp, if you must fly?

    Probably best to transmit raw sensor data and do real-time image processing at home base.

    Around here, shellfish farms are not that attractive to miscreants, and owners rely on local enforcement authorities, especially if a complaint is filed.

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