Waypoint added thousands of miles away

I had a weird experience setting up one of my APM 2.6 controlled quads using Mission Planner 1.3.24 build 1.1.5574.33902 and Arducopter V3.2.1 )36b405fb). I set up wp1 as an ROI and added a total of 18 waypoints to circle the ROI, return to my landing point and land. As I have done in the past, I set my next to the last waypoint (#17) to the point I wanted the quad to land, clicked on "add below" for #18 and changed it to "land". The program then placed wp #18 thousands of miles away! I have attached 2 jpg files to illustrate.
What the heck happened?

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  • Setting home position does not make a difference.

    "Add below" button will default to "Waypoint @ lat/lon 0,0" even with Home Location set to nearby.

    The line is there because Add Below Waypoint defaults to lat long 0,0 and thats where your craft will fly unless you change it, before line was not there at all and if you did forgot to change it would fly away.

    I think it should default to waypoint with home location prefilled, or better yet a DoNothing command or RTL but not default to a waypoint to fly into the middle of the atlantic. 

    • Developer

      the land command with a 0,0 command means land at current location, there would be no fly away. but mp is displaying the behaviour wrong,

    • Thanks Michael.

      Can you confirm that it would work just to put a final waypoint as a land command rather than the way I have been doing it (a final fly to with a land waypoint below it)?

    • Thanks Edgar,

      So is it best NOT to use the "add below" button to add my "land" waypoint? Did this change? I have done this numerous times before with success. I just updated to Mission Planner 1.3.24 build 1.1.5574.33902 and Arducopter V3.2.1 )36b405fb) and the issue of the distant waypoint appeared.

      If I just add a waypoint where I want to land and define it as "land" will that work okay? As an example, in my mission above, could I simply have set waypoint #17 to land?

    • I use 'Add Below' to add Land, RTL, loiter etc.  Just the default is Waypoint 0,0 is and as long as I can remember defaulted to 0,0.   They just added the line (that was missing before) to remind you to change it to something else or your copter will fly away to 0,0 and land somewhere off the coast of Africa, maybe there is a pile out there, hehe ;-)

      I think the add a waypoint where I want to land and define it as "land" will that work okay too.

  • Your home point is set to 0 degrees lat and longitude.  You need to reset your home point.

    • Thanks Erik,

      I wasn't at the mission area when I planned the mission. I planned and loaded the mission (which I haven't yet flown) last night. I was planning on going to the field to fly it today, but didn't want to take my laptop. Won't it set home where I arm the copter?

  • Developer

    land can have 2 modes.

    land at current position.

    and land at specified position.

    you are using the first one, and that appears to be the one causing a display issue in MP.

    try right clicking the map, and selecting land.

    • How do I switch between the two modes?

      Also, If I want to set a landing wp, do I first need to set a wp above it as I did in my example, or can I just enter a "land" wp (would have been #17 in my example)? I have always done it using a standard waypoin, then using "add below" to add my final waypoint and defining it to land. This was in a video - https://youtu.be/Qzsp2qn1A6U from 2.5 days.

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