What sensors information goes to which PID?

Hi all :-)


I am trying to learn the AC code to the arduino to somewhat understand how this alien flies. I read on the wiki all about PID, but I don't seem to see what sensors and information goes to which PID. Anybody can point this out to me?




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    the gyro do all the work in stabilization. The Baro in altitude. The accels are used to correct the Gyros over time and to do some fanciness with inertial nav (in 2.9).

    It's way more complicated then that, but it's a start.


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    It's not that simple thing to answer. There are no "this PID, this sensor" settings at all. All attitude calculation is calculated in DCM algorithms and PID settings are controlling those algorithms. So as simple as possible, if you change PID for Roll, "it will affect all sensors with a different weight and outcome". This all creates overall Attitude solution. 

    So you cannot find simple PID to simple sensors things on AC/AP/AR or any other of our codes.

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