Where did manual mode go ?


I do not knwow if I did not sleep well but can't find manual mode anymore (3.2.1). Tried on two different mission planner on two computers.

Without manual mode it is impossible to calibrate the current measurement as it is the only mode where the throttle does not change on the bench (all other modes increase throttle trying to change the attitude or maintain some position/altitude).

Was manual mode removed ?

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  • MR60

    hmm that is an issue to calibrate current. Stabilize tries to keep the craft horizontal and therefore will increase the speed of the required motors to get to an horizontal position. Therefore it increases speed faster and faster to the maximum when the craft is ketp fixed on the bench for current calibration. Therefore it is impossible to get a stable current reading to calibrate the divider.

    It would be useful to get the equivalent of a manual mode on copter  just for calibration purposes.

    • Developer
      Stick it in compass not or ESC calibration mode
    • MR60

      Thx for the idea. However putting a Pixhawk in esc calibration mode succeeding not to put your ESCs in programming mode is itself a real challenge ( course condition, known issue for a long time). 

      I would still prefer a kind of pass trough mode for calibration purposes. A wish for a future functionality in APM Copter.

    • Developer
      Just set the ESC parameter and reboot. Much easier than using the sticks.
    • MR60

      sorry I do  not understand what you mean ?

  • Developer

    Stabilize has always been mode 0 (Copter) It hasn't changed. In plane it is called Manual (mode 0), as Stabilize is mode 2.

  • Stabilize is what was once manual.

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