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  • MR60

    Which command can i use in auto mission to have the arducopter face a certain direction flying between two waypoints, instead of the default which is facing the direction nbetween waypoints? Which parameter in the waypoint command or is it another command to use  ?

  • Try to embed this one more time now from you tube. 

  • arducopter C++ code algorithm  ? any links ?

  • Moderator

    @tahines - there are two schools of thought here.  One, go conservative and get an AR.Parot or something like that and practice the difference in control.

    Or two, buy a quad (x4), build it and learn that way.  It's fairly fool proof if you read the wiki, manuals, ask questions and TEST TEST TEST.

    You will of course break things (props, motors, bend arms, etc) even if you are careful.

    Considering you've been around RC before I would probably start with a X4.  That's what I did (making the jump from planes) and never looked back.

    It really comes down to your budget, ability and confidence. (:

    Happy to PM more if you're interested.

  • @tahines if you have no flying time with a multirotor do yourself a favor and get a cheap 40 dollar one to fly with for a few weeks before you even think about flying a arducopter.   If you are just concerned with a "hobby" type setup a quad would work fine. If you are looking to do something more ie bigger cam etc.. Hexa, Y6, X8 but it sounds like that's going to be overkill for you..

  • Thinking about buying a 3DRobotics Copter.  Don't know which one to get (X8, Y6, or X4) with FPV.  This will be my first copter.  I have been flying RC electric planes with small camera a while.  Ready to get a copter.  Anyone have any good/bad info on these units?  This is for hobby and aerial video/photography with a small camera or GoPro unit.  Any help would be useful.

  • @Mark : -

    Test 1:
    Hold the quad securely in your hand, ARM, and advance to 1/2 throttle or so, until you feel it getting lighter in your hand. All TX sticks in the middle. Now tilt the copter in the 4 directions. It should "fight" you and try to remail level. It MUST pass this test. if it feels wobbly in your hand, or tries to go places, this is not right, go check your motor numbering, pdb setup and prop directions.

    If you pass test 1, move on to

    TEST 2 :

    Still holding it in your hand, throttle 50%, blades spinning, mode the Elevator (pitch) stick forward and back, the quad must follow the sticks. Repeat for Aileron (Roll) stick, and lastly Rudder (Rotate). you may need a bit more throttle to feel the Rudder pull, and be careful here. if you push the rudder left, the FRONT of the copter must want to go left. if any of the directions are incorrect, simply recerse that channel on the radio. (Dont accidentally reverse your throttle!!!!!!)

    Let me know the results.


    ALL the coptwers I have set up have flown after passing these test.

  • Can anyone point me to a working ARDUCOPTER Y6 Parameters file?

  • hi,who had used the px4fmu? I made new one ,but can not connect to pc,because when connect to pc ,it can not see the usb com port,and not install the usb drive.who can help me.thanks.

  • I would check CLI also to make sure.
    I think setup - frame.
    When I had the issue I enabled motor logging to see what was going on. I had output on motors 5&6.
    Checked the frame and Bob's you uncle.
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Drone flying to non visible point

Hi there,I encountered a problem, while flying in auto mode, with approching to point that was not set by trajectory and is not visible after downloading mission from flight controller by Mission Planner. Does anybody encountered similar problem. The situation is that in the middle flight I stopped the UAV and uploaded new mission and after changing to auto mode it starts to fly in some direction. It goes straight to some point, so I assume it's not mechanical problem. I attached the link to…

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Hi,Im working on a autonomous drones and im using JETSON NANO and flight controller PIXHAWK .Im able to control my drone by giving rc commands on the MAVLINK terminal itself by connecting it with PIXHAWK but now i want a python code from which i can do some operations like:takeoff,left ,right,forward,backward…and i am not using GPS…Can anyone please help me…

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HELP quadcopter: one motor twitching and stuttering

Hello guys,I have a problem with one motor, do not spin and making a sound (videos in attachment), I changed the motor to another ESC and is work, so I checked the connections on ESC and all connections looking great. any ideas or something I can do, iam trying to build YMFC32 Brokking .thank youhttps://youtu.be/LagBqwGbixkhttps://youtu.be/PU20nCxApcs

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Will AHRS_ORIENTATION=8 for Arducopter 3.2.1 on APM 2.5 using a traditional Heli

I have been Reading Chris Olsen posts and watching his videos on Arducopter with traditional Helis using a Pixhawk.I have inherited an older Trex 450 heli with the old Align 3G FBL hardware.  The FBL controller appears to be bad.  So I have an old APM 2.5 without a compass or GPS on board.  I just want to replace the failed Align 3G FBL system with the APM.Now I have to mount the APM under the skids on the heli so the APM will be upside down.I have Two questions.1)  Is the AHRS_ORIENTATION=8…

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