• Hi Greg,

    I was looking at the source code for camera stabilization in AP_Mount files (in ArduPlane). I believe you have contributed to writing these source files. I am not getting a documentation/ understanding of how the stabilization is done for the camera gimbal.

    Would you be so kind to give an explanation in these areas:

    1) How is stabilization performed? It uses get_dcm_matrix from AHRS (Does this include data from compass/ mag)?

    2) How is 'Rotation matrix earth to camera' done? Can you point me to some link for a better understanding of this logic?

    3) With the new source (v.2.50 onwards) everything is accessed via EEPROM. Why is it done this way, any advantage?

    4) Where are the PID calculations done for pitch, yaw stabilization, where can I see it (specifically) in the code?

    Sorry, if my questions are too simple, but I just want to understand the whole thing ;) Look forward to your reply.

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