Developing an open source camera gimbal stablizer based upon the ArduIMU

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  • What update rate is ArduIMU Gimbal Controller capable of on it's PWM servo outputs? Is it able to update at over 400hz or as high as 800hz like Hoverfly's dedicated gimbal controller?

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    Guys, I haven't had any independent reports to confirm whether Michael or Greg's code works or not, nor have I had time (between my 2.5 jobs) to test it out for myself. 

    Given that they were the only people that submitted code, and they obviously put alot of effort into the code (working or not).  I propose to split the bounty (about $400 total after fees indiegogo fees) that a number of members and I contributed to.

    If there are no objections from the contributors, I propose to do this in 7 days time.

  • Any Updates about this project?

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    I just finished making a Arduino opensource head tracker, and I would have to say its the best headtracker that I have use, without any drift.

    I'm thinking if you reverse the header tracker, ie.  left pan on a head tracker results in left pan on the camera, but if you mount the head tracker on the copter, and reverse the output, left pan would result in right pan on the camera, therefore keeping the camera pointed at the same spot???

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