• Here you have a couple of videos of the gimbal running the Code.

    Heading tracking.mp4

    Yaw roll Pitch.mp4
  • Hi,

    I've installed Michael Oborne's code on my Arduimu V3 installed, below the camera, in the bottom of my "Mega Radius" gimbal mounted on the "Pano Mount", a panoramic 3rd axis driven by a continuous rotation servo to achieve unlimited pan rotation. In this kind of servos the changes in pulse width affect to the speed and turn direction instead of positioning the servo at a specified angle and the the code works and stabilizes photo shots and keeps heading.

    I would like to know if there is a way to modify the reaction speed of the servo out because for video they are a bit slow ad during my trials I've seen that moving the board faster produce faster reactions of the gimbal.

    Having the IMU actually mounted on the Gimbal allow exact leveling and heading of the camera not like using native stabilization of the flight controller where, since the board doesn't moves with the camera, you only move the gimbal "by estimation". Also, with off-gimbal boards, continuous rotation servos can't be used since the board has no way to know where the gimbal is pointing and APM2 is unable to control all 3 Axes when mounted on an octocopter.

    I've also seen commented references to MAVlink in the Sketch, would be nice if the Gimbal board where able to communicate with the APM and APM planer to follow targets even establishing the camera direction relative to the heading of the multicopter for example to say "look forward" and having the Arduimu heading always to the same direction as the multicopter or "look backwards" and as a result having the gimbal pointing the opposite direction.


    For people using simple servo gimbals with limited rotation on yaw axis this things are unnecessary but for mounts with continuous, and unlimited rotation are very powerful options.


  • Hi! someone try this?

    I have a problem with pan control.

    when inizialize it take absolute position, for example if i have imu at 10degree nord corrispond at 1800ms at servo, so that turn at the always in the same directions

    and where i can modify the dead band or sensitivity?

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