Continuing efforts on the space program

 Just fyi this project is still on going. Of late I've been working on a small turbopump project which includes the use of the 5-axis cnc project we started here on DIYD.

 I just saw some good progress on the antenna tracker for Pixhawk which means it's about time to do some more balloon projects! Great work on the tracker Randy and co.!

 We recently made good progress on the Ardupilot/Pixhawk with regards to Cubesat control using reaction wheels and cold gas thrusters which is also part of the X12A project.

 Getting all this to come together has been a long arduous effort!

 I believe we will have some really good things to show and progress to share by next summer!

 Keep looking up!

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  • Hey monroe!! I just came across this project, this is so fucking cool. Is there any updates? 

    also, what legal hoop did you hop through for high altitude flights? I'm trying to return an autonomous glider from 100,000 feet (weather balloon), we wrapped up 250 feet test flights and need clearances from the FAA to send up to 18,000 feet for final controls testing and 100,000 feet after that. 

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