This is a group to share experience in an open way about using the Ardupilot for space flight! We want help you carry out missions to Near Space and beyond with the Ardupilot/Arduino/Raspberry Pi ect... This is provided to be a safe place to share information and experience for those that want to experiment in this exciting venture.

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  • We make a major breakthrough recently with reaction wheels and cold gas thrusters! I will do a writeup perhaps tonight.

  • By the way if your interested in our progress you can look here

    I post pretty regularly what we are doing there.

    Team Prometheus
    Team Prometheus, Copperas Cove, Texas. 6.6K likes. Team Prometheus is an organization of individuals that believes there is cheaper access to space.…
  • With the CNC project I've been working on for a couple years about to take off I'm hoping we can make enough monet to further fund the Ardupilot Space Program.

    I've been working on the Pixhawk for space applications much like the Cubli here.

    I believe the Pixhawk can be an open source space platform for cubesats which are small satellites used for research in orbit.

    So hopefully our team can make more progress this next year with the ardupilot space program.

    The X12A Spaceplane we developed is just waiting for funding now with the systems we developed from ardupilot and the Pixhawk using ground control and long range communications so the ground work and infrastructure are in place for this project to progress.

    The cold gas RCS system and the reaction wheel system for cubesat control are just a few of the things we have been working on.

    We have failed to get enough interest in this field thus far but I believe with just a little more funding things will get interesting enough to bring the Pixhawk into a new realm of development.

    Keep watching this space :) we are still making progress you wont want to miss!

  • Randy

    Yeah the reason for doing it is it will be really amazing! Check out Ardusat who we helped raise over $100K for on Kickstarter. That project actually flew in space with Arduino. I've been working hard on this lately to hard to do any updqating but soon you will see some very interesting post here.

  • I'm not sure average people will be able to use drones in space any time soon. Its a cool concept but you need a lot of education in orbital mechanics to operate something in space.

    Try out games like orbiter or kerbal space program and you will get a basic feel for how difficult it is. That is all said assuming you can get it up there. If you manage it though it'll be really amazing.

  • Fascinating concept! I have not even begun to think about all the implications and possibilities - will be checking back to do some reading!

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    MLK, that discussion re the regs is what you were thinking?
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    Btw - I haven't forgotten about or disappeared on those Australian regulations.  I actually have them printed out on my desk *waves them at the screen*, but work has been a little busy this last week.  I will get them up by the end of this week. (:

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    Sure - happy to.

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    Yes, that would be great!  I was also thinking that it should include links to the relevant national regulators and info on high altitude adventures.  I know you mentioned the FAA regs, but here in Australia we have CASA and their version too.  Nice, quick and easy way to get up to speed on what's happening.

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Continuing efforts on the space program

 Just fyi this project is still on going. Of late I've been working on a small turbopump project which includes the use of the 5-axis cnc project we started here on DIYD. I just saw some good progress on the antenna tracker for Pixhawk which means it's about time to do some more balloon projects! Great work on the tracker Randy and co.! We recently made good progress on the Ardupilot/Pixhawk with regards to Cubesat control using reaction wheels and cold gas thrusters which is also part of the…

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Team Prometheus X12A Spaceplane

 Well it's been a long and arduous journey to develop an APM/Pixhawk UAV Spaceplane but it looks like in 2015 there will finally be some interesting things to post about the project. We are nearing completion of the mobile mission control including the radio gear and the 9 display setup for flight monitoring and control as well as the tracking station. We are about to begin construction of an all aluminum version of the X11E which is a larger aircraft/spacecraft dubbed the X12A. Having…

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Canadian Rules and Regulations

Greetings everyone,I've compiled some resources regarding rules that govern high altitude balloon flights as well UAV systems for amateurs in Canada. Based on my own experience, I would advise close communication with Transport Canada (the regulatory body; kind of like the FAA in the US).This link pertains to how UAVs are regulated in Canada. Essentially, if your UAV is less than 35kg (usually the case) is for recreational purposes, you should be fine. However, if this is not the case, then you…

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Cold Gas thruster testing using Quadcopter

I have a new idea for testing a cold gas thruster system for spacecraft using the quad copter platform. I think we can carry a paintball CO2 tank and use the thrusters to help stabilize the quad as a good test for our cold gas system. Want to see a rock solid quad? I mean rock solid! Now if I could just get some help with the code?Our team really needs help! With code! I think cold gas would be good for stabilizing our plane drop mission from high altitude as we work our way toward launching a…

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