4wd rc mower

Hi Guys, not only am I a newby but I'm an old newby. I've decided to build this mower so that I don't have to mow 2 acres of undulating property when I'm ten years older. Building the frame and fitting the various componentry won't be a problem but coming to the rc tech......I don't have a clue. I'm just wondering how much leaning on you guys I can do? 


Mic. in Aussie.

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  • Thanks for your response John H.
    To the forum....Is there a controller available to drive 4x wheels simultaneously
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  • Same here, would be fun to discuss. I have been thinking of an autonomous weed whip.

  • I have toyed around with the idea of a autonomous "lawnbot" for years now. Not just mowing but other yard maintenance tasks as well. Be glad to discuss and share what I have learned...

  • You are welcome to any knowledge I can give you. 

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