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New rover advice

Hi, i am looking to build a new rover, but i need some advice on the chassis. 

I like the 4wd chassis/tank look and prefer it over the crawler/rc look.

are those any good though? most people recommend crawlers.

I am looking to get something from banggoo

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Traxxas X-Maxx ROVER ESC advice


I have converted a Traxxas X-Maxx into a rover using the Pixhawk Cube 2 controller kit with a Here GNSS.I swapped out the original X-Maxx remote controller for an X6R receiver and Taranis QX7 radio.

latest version of ArduRover firmware installed as

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Yard patrol rover

I am on a mission to disrupt the destructive little furry rabbits that are killing my lawn. The dream machine would be a rover that lived on a drive on charger like my rumba does and have some kind of detection system that sees the little bastards co

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Community favourite chassis?

Hi all,

I've built a bunch of quads and wanted to try a rover from a quad leftovers.  Only spec would be large enough for PixHawk1, Pi and some sensors.

From the docs it looks like I should find a RC truck and strip its hood and add a mounting plate. 

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4wd rc mower

Hi Guys, not only am I a newby but I'm an old newby. I've decided to build this mower so that I don't have to mow 2 acres of undulating property when I'm ten years older. Building the frame and fitting the various componentry won't be a problem but c

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