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old db / c programmer

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just started rc hobby using Arduino



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Qazi Ahmed posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
Hi, This is my first attempt for rover with ardurover 2.8 using a cheap crawler. I found a normal rc motor steering style at front at rover so I replaced with Professional SG90 SG90 9g Micro ServoI followed all the instructions on the ardurover.org…
Dec 5, 2016
Qazi Ahmed replied to Freddy Alcarazo's discussion Apm 2.6 Impossible stabilization, what do you think about this problem? in ArduCopter User Group

This is the very common problem for first time creators. There is a check list of to do's. First tell me did you calibrated your motors properly? Have you gone through all the procedures of your flight controller and firmware installation?…"
Nov 17, 2016
Qazi Ahmed replied to Ron's discussion Correct firmware for Mini APM 3.1
"Hey guys,

I am reading this and found interesting as I am also working on 3.1 APM and stuck with powering APM module. When I gave 5v from ESC (3 wires) and signal to signals in APM, the power works in module but motors beep music once and not 3 or…"
Jul 26, 2016
Qazi Ahmed replied to Ben's discussion Any modification should be made to apm 2.6 with brush ESC? in ArduRover User Group

I am also new and looking for a solution to take the input from APM 3.1 signal and link to dc motor driver/shield, is this possible?
I want to skip using brushed esc to reduce cost,wiring and extra space.

Jul 22, 2016