Good Day

I have created an ArduBoat system using Pixhawk, 2x motors with carbon AirProps from a 15" Octocopter withouth a rudder

I have installed ArduRover 3.2.3

I have really difficulties in setting the steering, maybe someone can help me.

I would like that the trhottle stick on RC (left stick=RCIN3) pushes both motors (right motor is RC1, left motor is RC3) so that the ArduBoat drives just forward

and when turnin the Roll Stick (right stick=RCIN1) that it act as a certain V mixer on the motors so that the ArduBoat may turn.

Im not able to set this settings as I want. I tried skid stterings enable 1 in full parameter list, but Im not able to understand the functionality.

Both motors work, if I set the Function under Servo Output to RCIN3 (=throttle).

But the steering function is missing.

How to handle this matter

Thank you for your kind reply, I really appreciate the help of the community


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