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compass steering mode

Hi everyone,


I need a compass steering mode for rover / boat. I have gone through this forum and found a few posts where people have had a similar need but no solution. Could anyone please suggest what would be the right way to get the mode done? Wou

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A few (beginners) questions


I'm planning on making an autonomous rover for a school project (flight controller, GPS and sonars) and I have a few things I'd like to know before buying the different parts (I've already done some research but haven't answers to all my questi

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Skid_Steering in or out

Hello, I'm using an OpenROV with a pixhawk, and I'm trying to figure out what skid_steering mode to use. The ROV has two horizontal thrusters and so it works well in auto mode when set to SKID_STEERING_OUT. However, in this mode I can't control it ma

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LIDAR Lite default behavior

Hi everyone. I'm new to Rover, coming from Copter. In APM Copter, the default use for LIDAR Lite is for altitude. The wiki mentions that APM Rover also supports LIDAR. I'm guessing that altitude isn't the use and that its for obstacle avoidance but a

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