DUAL sonar on PIXhawk

I am trying to follow TCIII instructions for how to connect dual sonars to a PIXhawk. First of all in MP the sonar options are gone and now we have RANGEFINDER. According to TCIII the pins are 12 and 13 ( 3.3 v ADC) but the MP wants to use pin 15 ("airspeed") !

Which is correct ? I put in pins 12 and 13 but no signal. I can confirm I have analog voltages on the pins ( 0.6 to 3.3V)


Actually I have made a pseudo-sonar. I found the Maxbotix sonars are too slow and need to be triggered properly to avoid interference. Instead I took a Hokoyo laser rangefinder and used an Arduino DUE to output 2 analog voltages corresponding to obstacle distance left and right of the laser rangefinder. Then I could just feed these into the PIxhawk and use the built-in obstacle avoidance routines.

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    Hi heliboy,

    I had no trouble using the 3.3vdc ADC connections for my Maxbotix sonars so I do not know why you are having an issue other than you are not using sonars.

    Yes, the Sonar parameters have had name changes, but the concept is still the same.



    • I got it to work. At least the first sonar. One of the issues now is - I can see and graph the first sonar but there appears to be no way to see the second sonar ! I cannot seem to get the CLI to work properly on the latest MP. It connects but then just "waiting for reboot"

      Since I have your attention do you know:

      1. Has anybody tried piksi with ardurover ? 3D drones claims that it is now integrated and I am wondering if it worth plonking down 1G.

      2. Does MP now have higher resolution waypoints that can actually use cm level GPS ? I heard it was in the works.






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