APM 2.5 + CN06 PLUS no GPS Lock.

HI i have an apm 2.5 paired with a CN06 PLUS gps module (with external compass). I am using the internal compass and the GPS Fix led just blinks. I do get a solid fix for 10 seconds after switching on and then starts blinking. 

Do you have any idea what may be causing this. Is my GPS incompatible?

my current setup is a 6wd  skid steer bot and a non 3dr power module. 


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    Usually the uBlox line of GPSs blink the fix led when they have a lock.

    After reading several supplier descriptions of your GPS its seems that it must be configured with the navigation controller that it is paired with. Have you tried to configure it to work with the APM2.5?



    • Thanks for responding. 

      The one that i have the RC Timer one (i thought i was pre-configured). How would i go about doing this?

      Kind regards


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