Minimal speed for Ardu Pilot mega 2.5

Hie all i was wondering what the slowest speed a rover can be set to for navigation? I have a new platform that is meant to go about 4-5km/h (2.5-3.1 mph). would that be too slow for following gpswaypoints or does speed not matter as much?

Thanks in advance

My setup would be 

-6wd robot (5mph top speed)

-APM 2.5

-Turnigy 9x remote

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  • Developer

    Hi.  The parameter CRUISE_SPEED sets the autonomous speed of the rover.  This can be set in 0.1m/s increments so the slowest the rover can move is 0.1m/s assuming your Rover can go that slow.    This is about 0.4km/h.

    Thanks, Grant.

    • Thanks for your reply Grant. i'll let you know of my progress!

    • Developer

      That would be great.  Love seeing build pictures and videos of rovers in action!

      Thanks, Grant.

    • Here is my current build. It will be undergoing  6wd conversion within 2 weeks or so.

    • Developer

      That is a superb build page.  Love the detail.  Love that you made your own controller!  Very nice.  Make sure you post when you have converted it to 6WD!

      Thanks, Grant.

    • will do! thanks for checking it out!

  • 3702053370?profile=original

    I made this last year. top speed is about 0.5mph. Nav works well, just took some tuning.

    APM nav controller with an Adruno custom mixer for controlling the 6 wheel steering and crabbing.  

    Frame is aluminum towel bars and 3D printed plastic parts. Wheels were also printed.

    The 3D camera mounted in this pic. has been replaced with a 30X optical zoom camera wiht night vision on a 3axis gimble.

    8000mha battery gives about a 4 hour run time.  I have done some amazing animal watching with it.

    This is somewhat of a replica of the Mars Rover's Rocker Bogie Suspension.

    All 6 wheels are always on the ground no mater how rough the terrain gets.

    Best of luck with your project.  o/


    • thanks! your project is a great morale booster for mine. sadly my rover does not have suspension but its something i'll add on after i have had some time. i thought speed was a factor but its great to know that thats not the case.

      Thanks for sharing your project! Here is mine at the moment. i intend on adding APM once the the datalogging stuff and telemetry is done. Its currently undergoing some serious cosmetic changes:

      -changing it to 6wd

      -lowering the roof height

      -adding a robotic arm

    • Developer

      That's a great looking custom rover Mike.  Do you have a web page with more details and photos?  Are the STL files for the wheels available?

      Thanks, Grant.

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