Ground Penetrating Radar Rover help

Hello All,I'm currently trying to develop an autonomous rover for ground penetrating radar that is capable of running in a straight line following a perimeter without the use of a perimeter wire (using a preprogrammed route). The chassis I am wanting to use is hydrostatic driven ZTR using servos to control the pump valves that adjust the speed and direction of each drive tire. It also needs to be able to run a line pattern over the entire surface of the area (run a straight line from the south perimeter to the north perimeter, do a 180 and run another straight line parallel to the first back to the south perimeter). I would like to use the pixhawk or similar controller such as the HKPilot32 and the Piksi RTK GPS paired with a Ublox Neo-m8n. Is this something that can be exicuted without wobble in the lines using a Piksi RTK GPS or will I need other guidance modules? I'm not sure what I need or if the Pixhawk is even capable of doing what I want. Any help would be greatThanks

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    • Darius Jack, we should both delete all of our comments on this thread as it is jacking the thread, not constructive in any way, and helps the OP in no way.

      I'll start by deleting the first couple of mine and will delete the rest of them if you do the same.

    • My dear friend,

      I still don't know what is your problem.

      I have provided excellent examples how Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar Rover can be built and remotely controlled ( Follow-me Golf Cart example)

      I am technology man, involved in technology transfer ( 5,000+ technologies offered) so I prefer real technology challenges.

      Discussion is open , so not peer-2-peer limited and

      Mobile Georadar is High-Tech Challenge.

      You are free to delete your comments if you find them not relevant or abusing me personally.

      Tricycle is a smart, pretested comnstruction, front drive wheel is ok.

      Georadar should not be used to go up the hill.

      Tricycle or 3-leg stabilization works fine in open space

      but you and Steven are free to develop Mobile Georadar on your own.

      I wish you both all the best


    • Hey guys,

      I'm sorry if I did not ask my question in an easy to understand manner. Let me reiterate,

      Is the Pixhawk or HKPILOT32 (a hobbyking Pixhawk clone) capable of straight parallel lines on a preprogrammed route, using the Pikis RTK GPS & the Ublox Neo-m8n w/ compass.

      Will I need additional guidance modules?

      If so will, what guidance modules?

      I hope this clears up the issue. Thank you
    • I'm no Piksi/Pixhawk expert and I'm trying to do the same basic pattern. I believe I don't need any more "modules". You might also look at the Piksi forum. Hopefully there you can find out what still needs to be done. 

  • You are wrong Zach

    Help is help

    Powered caddy or follow-me golf cart is a nice solution to the problem

    but since Steven preferred to cut spending

    so front wheel with motor (from electric bike) can do the trick to build tricycle - based

    Ground penetrating radar rover at pocket money

    Ok, I don't suggest my solution is the only viable option but start to build such electric Tricycle , Follow-Me featured next week ( remote, smartphone controlled , LBS enabled)

  • Hi Steven,

    I develop georadars based on vibrators and array of seismographs to scan a large area at once (3D USG or 3D passive radar technology) - 3D underground scanners.

    Old georadar technology is heavy, slow and you never get 3D underground visualization for the large area.

    Replace your rover by Tricycle, front wheel drive and steering to save your time and money

    and get what you want just in one week.

    • Thank you Darius, I appriciate the advice, but this is more of a proof of concept type of endeavor rather than a commercial enterprise. I'm using my late father's old equipment for the ground penetrating radar, so I don't have to spend additional $$$ that I dont have on equipment I won't need. I really just need to know what sensors I need to accomplish the goal of straight, parallel lines. Ultimately I'd like to translate this type of rover to my lawn mower, or even my rototiller.

    • Hi Steven,

      since  you plan to use the existing ground penetrating radar you don't have to spend extra penny.

      Building front wheel drive and steering Tricycle is easy, since you can start from

      used electric bike ( front power wheel with motor at $50 (used) - used alu frame golf cart should work fine as tricycle ( you can get used baby carriage for free - tricycle ),

      A single steering wheel tricycle can be easily controlled via GPS - enabled  control station (telemetry callbacks)

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