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autonomous gravity racer project using APM 2.6



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john smith posted a discussion
Hi,I'm trying to power 2 servos from the output rail.Is it safe to connect the 2s LiPo directly to the output power rail using a Buck converter (jumper 1 is not connected) and then connect the servos in the correct position?Thank you
May 4, 2017
john smith posted a discussion
Hello,I've been trying to connect a servo motor to the ardupilot for my project.However, i'm having some issues, as seen in the picture, I've connected the signal wire from the servo to A11 and the other 2 wires to a battery pack (2X AA 1.5V)- is…
Apr 17, 2017
john smith replied to john smith's discussion autonomous rover- no motors, just servo for steering and actuator for braking- rolling down hill in ArduRover User Group
"Thanks!!So in terms of wiring, the brakes/actuators should be connected to APM input 3 and then calibrated/set using mission planner?
Yeah it's going to be a 20kg racer and the actuators that are going to be used run off 12V, so it seemed…"
Mar 20, 2017
john smith posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
The objective is to build an autonomous gravity racer (no motors, just rolling down a hill) to go through several waypoints. Autonomy through GPS and magnetometer.Was wondering if anyone can direct me a little in terms of how the coding to control…
Mar 19, 2017