Adding Computer Vision (Follow Red Ballon)

I have a Pixhawk controlled wild thumper 6WD and would like to add computer vision, basically follow the person with the red balloon or other easily recognizable object. Would the PX4FLOW work for this application? Or any suggestions or personal experiences on the subject. I tried googling it and got mixed results.

Thank you!

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    Hi Jake -

    I'm trying something very similar, but only with a multi copter.  What I have developed is a Thermal Camera that uses an Odroid Xu4 single board computer that communicates with the Pixhawk through MAVPROXY.   

    An Optical Flow Sensor is only for maintaining position over an object.  It looks for changes in the picture and uses it to help stabilize the drone.

    The THERMAL camera sees heat instead of light.  I am trying to use it as the camera for Randy's Red Balloon Finder.  

    Here's a short video of the thermal camera.  Please forgive the horrible music, a better version of the video is coming soon.

    Let me know if this is something that might help you in your efforts.  A human being shows up in a thermal image as almost a glowing beacon.

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