• In my testing so far, I don't thing GPS will work without other sensors.
    GPS is good to about 3 meters if I understand correctly so it could leave strips of grass uncut.
    I plan to use GPS but to identify locations in my yard including the front and back yard.
    The waypoints would have to be so close together which i don't think will work.
    Just my thoughts.
  • I don't think waypoints will work. GPS doesn't have the resolution.
    I'm using sensors to detect objects and I was thinking about conecting it to a computer (maybe through Wifi) to detect color. I don't want it leave the lawn or go in the garden.
  • I am in the process of building a RC based Mower and have started to work on the software changes for the ArduRover to allow it to control a dual wheel system.  I am using a Wheelchair base as the drive system for the mower as you can see in the Picture.  I am currently using 2 H M7 Bridge Units to control the motors.  These units were purchased a while ago and are going to be replaced by a "Sabertooth 25 Dual 25A Motor Drive". The current units required me to create a RC control module that would convert the RC signals from the receiver and then control the motors correctly.  I am using an Ardunio Duo to convert the signals.  It works very well.  I will add 2 YouTube links below of the unit running.

    The current Rover source is designed around a physical configuration of Drive Motor, and Steering.

    My System has 2 motors that are controlled independently and so can provide all the steering, and speed using only these.

    This means the source needs to be changed for that type of drive system.  This is what I am working on. 

    I would like it if someone else had already ported the source to this configuration.

    Videos below have now ArduRover connected yet. Just RC controlled.

    2013-05-11 19.42.56.jpg

  • I'm building a lawn mower using a APM.
    I have the frame and motors complete. I have to figure out how to add the APM to run the motors.
    It has been awhile since I worked on the project. Busy with work.
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  • I realy don't think you will be able to use the apm as a lawnmower!!! You would however be able to attach it to an existing motorised lawnmower.

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