Ardurover Follow me mode options

I have a pixhawk controller and trying to layout the follow me options.  As far as I can tell the only mobile GCS that provides "follow me mode" with the controller is Tower's android based GCS.  Is there any others people are using?

I also read this for follow me option:

This only allows the pixhawk controller to follow a GCS without using internet data by using a GPS dongle plugged into your laptop correct? 

As far as I can tell an android phone with a usb dongle to telemetry would be the smallest follow me option? Does anyone know of any basic methods for small/accurate follow me tags to be used instead of GCS's?


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  • I have had it track me by walking around with the laptop, so that will work.  I don't know that sonar will work very well for tracking, maybe you could use a companion computer and do some sort of visual tracking?  I had an idea a while back after seeing an antenna tracker that ibcrazy built that you could do it with a radio signal and 3 directional antennas, but that would be pretty bulky.

  • I need to track a walking person.  Do you know if its possible to get sonar to track a person in an auto mode?

    I guess that leaves the option of just the laptop running mission planner when it comes to follow me?

  • As far as I know tower's follow mode does not work with a rover, at least it didn't last time I tried.  It works great with a copter but I couldn't get it to work with rover.  I have used follow successfully using a laptop running mission planner with a USB GPS module on the laptop.  Quite bulky, but functional.  On copter you can use a smartwatch to follow (with Tower), but it still needs to be connected to a phone with the USB telemetry to relay the position info back to the copter.  Last I asked the Tower devs have no plan to add a follow option for rover into Tower.

    What are you trying to accomplish?

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