Failsafe GCS parameter bugged

Hello again,


Testing the failsafe setup of latest beta Ardurover firmware, the following parameter remains without effect, and failsafe triggers whatever its value 0 or 1. I would like to deactivate a failsafe on telemetry loss but impossible, it's like it is hardcoded to value=1:

FS_GCS_ENABLE00:Disabled, 1:Enabled

Enable ground control station telemetry failsafe. When enabled the Rover will execute the FS_ACTION when it fails to receive MAVLink heartbeat packets for FS_TIMEOUT seconds.

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  • well failsafe works....but having another issue now.... stupid robot wateva mode its in , manual, learning it just keeps moving forward this must b some parameter coz iv done reset of radio config .....any thoughts ??

  • i believe ive tried to disable this parameter for at least a week, with recoding the entire "failsafe" file and then upload to ardu2.5

    but no pretty sure it was with an older version unless if anyone can confirm a fix. that when you power up you let it initialize and then switch off your remote control.and your robot should stop and no switch into automode. or RTL mode.

    i will have extra time on my hands , so maybe i can help with rewriting the code again. if anyone needs a hands with it just ask.

  • MR60

    I confirm after lots of testing today that I cannot configure APM NOT to failsafe in case of telemetry signal loss.

    Anyone could confirm? 

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