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at first, sorry about my english.

My hardware : APM2.6; 3DR Gps with compass; 3DR Radio and 2 MB1240 sonar.

My problem : If I enable the sonar, the sonar fires the data imediatly and continously to the telemetrie port. It is no possible to connect again to the MissionPlaner with 3DR Radio. I must disconnect the 3DR Radio, connect to USB (with USB I can connect the MP), dissable the sonar and change back to 3DR Radio. Then I can connect with 3DR Radio again. (without sonar).

Thats my first ArduRover project and I use the Version 2.43.

Thanks for your help

Rainer (Germany)

It is the sonar  2 connectet on APM Port A1. With one sonar on A0 it works.

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  • Dear Thomas,

    I will follow your advise and send a report if done,

    thanks a lot


  • Admin


    To help you troubleshoot your sonar issue we will need some information as to how you have attached the sonars to the APM.

    What pins are you using on the APM to read the two sonars' voltage output and to trigger them sequentially? I have my left sonar on A0 and my right sonar on A2. I use A1 to trigger the left sonar and A3 to trigger the right sonar. When you are using two sonars it is best to trigger them at 50ms intervals to avoid them seeing each other.

    Have you followed the Maxbotix recommendation for power filtering the sonars and for using a shielded cable to connect the sonar output to the APMs input?


    TCIII ArdurRover2 Developer

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