Mode change on Ch5?

I reflashed 2.45 today, hoping to alleviate some GPS&MAG (failure) issues.Afterwards I was unable to change modes even though MP was reading TX input.So I enjoyed half an hour of hair pulling fun until I figured it out.MODE CHANNEL---5 (NOT 8)Could we please update the Rover Setup page to reflect this change? Hopefully it will prevent anyone else from having to sweep up around the (barbershop)workbench.Thanks,Mike

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  • I saw a post yesterday while messing around with this. It took me a few hours(about 20) to put the two together...

    SURPRISE! (To me, anyway:)
    I don't have a 3DR_ROVER, I have a DIY_ROVER, as yours is, powered by 3DR.

    Think that clears things up, but perhaps there should be some cohesion in the setup.

    Been having trouble with my compass...
    Starting to think trees are magnetic.

    Chris Anderson on Twitter
    “A @3DRobotics autonomous rover with a badass camera turret. Works with our drones for air/ground paired inspections”
    • Changed the link. First one was dead.
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    What GCS are you using to load the ArdurRover2 firmware?


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

    • @TCIII

      I'm running Mission Planner 1.2.99
      To the right of the full parameter list, I loaded 3DR_Rover Params.
      I didn't look over the changes that were presented as I knew I would be going through the full list afterwards. What I didn't expect was for my throttle and mode switch to have changed. Not having sonar, I always skip over those parameters during setup. Imagine my surprise when Andropilot says obstacle avoided!

      Think I've got things figured out...

  • Took rover outside for a run...
    Steering but no throttle.
    Back to MP.
    It seems to me that things are all messed up.
    I reset parameters via MP's 'load params'(#NOTE:2014-03-18 Frame:3DR Rover) in order to start tuning fresh on dry ground now that the snow is almost gone.


    Changed back to CH3. Problem solved, but how did this happen? And are there any other surprises around the corner? Certainly not complaining, rather trying to help others who may find themselves in the same situation.

    Thanks again,

    • Sonar is 'ON' by default.
      Status is showing:
      Sonar1 obstacle 29cm
      Obstacle avoided.

      I have no sonar!?!?

      Tonight I'll dig up an old parameters file, to compare changes.
  • @TCIII

    I have my APM setup exactly as shown in pic below. Rx5-APM8 and Rx6-APM7.

    In Full Parameter List

    Yesterday(I was already running 2.45)
    MODE_CH -> 8

    After reflashing
    MODE_CH -> 5



    • I changed it back to CH8 in MP.
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    The channel number of the Learn Channel and the Mode Channel all depends on what Navigation Controller you are using and how you want to setup the Learn and Mode Channels in relation to their default settings. For example:

    On my APM2.6 I have the receiver channel 5 (gear switch) wired to the APM channel 7 input (Learn channel) and the receiver channel 6 (flap switch) wired to the APM channel 8 (Mode channel). These two channels are the APM default settings.

    On my Pixhawk, which uses a Spektrum remote receiver, I have the receiver channel 5 (gear switch) set as the Learn channel and the receiver channel 6 (flap switch) set as the Mode channel. These are not the default settings for the Pixhawk.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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