New compass calibration screen

While playing around with the latest Pixhawk roverware and the new piksi GPS system I came across the new compass calibration 3D screen. Very cool! So I gave it a try. It seems to ask me to rotate my rover around on all three axis. Since my rover weighs close to 100 lbs that's kinda difficult. I know this is betaware but I am hoping the developers will somehow save my aching back.   



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  • Im not at my rover right now but in the current beta firmaware there is an auto learn compass option in the parameters. The value for it to be on needs to be set to 1. Thomas can probably explain it better but thats what I have mine using now. Seems to work well.

    • Hi Kirby

      I found the auto compass stuff. Its all set to enabled. I think what happened was the result of my poor attempt of wiring the Piksi to the Pixhawk. Initially I got the B+/Ground and Tx/Rx backwards. This Pixhawk is wonderfully tolerant. So after I got everything wired right I noticed the compass was way off. Now as I drive it around things are getting back to normal.

      Thanks so much


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