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Hey folks,

I'm looking into things to improve my AVC performance for the next competition. My current idea is using a secondary processing unit for some OpenCV object recognition (specifically, the barrels). Last year, I used a single sonar and forced my rover to drive much more slowly through the barrel section before speeding up again (and just hoping I could avoid hitting the hoop or ramp through waypoints and/or sheer luck).

Now I am thinking about using an RPi (enough power?) to do OpenCV object detection in order to be able to keep near full speed on the rover.

A few concerns and questions come to mind:

  1. What's the best way to get the RPi to tell the APM how to navigate? My thought was to just have the RPi emulate a sonar and tell the APM it needs to turn right or left?
  2. Best ways to reduce imaging issues from vibration? I would imagine this would be a pretty big issue, especially given I'm trying to stay in the Micro class. 
  3. Does this even make sense? Especially while trying to stay in the 10"x6"x4" Micro size limits?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • have you considered using OpenMV Cam? I can get you one if you can help us beta test before the kickstarter.
    • I didn't realize that was your project at first. I'd happily help out! Mind you I'm not a very sophisticated user. I'm just now starting to mess with OpenCV.

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    Try here Link for a start.



    • Thanks Tom! Apparently I'm bad at the searching...

  • Try using a serial link between the RPi and the APM.

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