Rover spin around in Auto mode

In can control the Rover in manual mode with no problem but when switch to Auto mode it keep spinning around. Got fixed GPS, can anyone provide some insight? 

APM 2.6
Sabertooth 2x12RC mixed mode



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  • Same problem. Something is wrong with 2.50. Used to work fine but now only circles. Someone with intimate knowledge of the changes made is the only hope. It is nice to know I am not alone. It not nice to know that it just stopped working.
    • @heliboy, That's good idea have not tried reset to default, been changing the value back and fourth. I think what ArduRove is missing an auto tune feature.

  • Same problem after it worked well for months. Reflashing 2.50 does not help. I set everything back to default. Then it works. Open source is fine until it does not work. Not sure pixhawk/APM is reliable for real use. Let us know if this helps. My opinion is that turning EKF on screws everything up.
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    How about providing us with some details of how your rover is built and configured.

    Also, a tlog and/or dataflash log would be helpful.



    • Hi Thomas, sorry I am new please be patient with me. Where do I get these logs file? I went the MP program folder and there is Ground_Rover folder under the Logs folder. It has logs for *.rlog and Telemetry log, are you referring to these log files?




    • @Thomas, I think these are the two logs you are talking about.

      2015-11-09 18-08-45.rlog

      2015-11-09 18-08-45.tlog
    • ok will post those logs soon, the lipo battery in my Turnigy 9x just die and here what my robot look like, it's a very simple one. 

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    Try checking the "reverse" box next to the roll bar in the MP Radio Calibration screen.



    • Thanks for the reply Thomas!
      I did reverse the roll bar but it still doing it! Manuel and Steering modes work just fine.

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