I think I have the bug, hook, line and sinker.After completing my first APM based rover platform on a Dagu Thumper 6WD chassis Im ready to start the next - why procrastinate, and after all, Christmas is just around the corner!I love the APM, it meets my needs and I now have a custom software base I can take to other vehicles. Im looking for something faster and lighter than the Dagu, and it gets me thinking what chassis you guys have been able to squeeze an APM and associated components like Ublox GPS and 3DR radio into.Im currently looking at the Traxxas summit and E-Revo - this within the realms of possibility, much modding to be done to gind space to mount extra components like the APM, drilling or complete removal of bodyshell for example?Currently my control input for the Dagu is a Saitek flightstick, I think a steering wheel for a faster chassis could be a lot of fun.Thanks.

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  • I have a Traxxas Summit myself that I wanted to control via a pixhawk and ArduRover. However, it has two steering servos running in simultaneuos but opposite directions. I cannot see how ArduRover would support this. The Traxxas Summit receiver actually has to channel 1 outputs (for the steering).

  • @TCIII,

    The Nitro Circus is quite new, haven't found many reviews. Despite the name, it is electric. Impressive specs for $, if it holds up.
    I completely agree with you about paying for quality. Before mounting APM, I did break many stampede parts bashing around for the first week.(Trucks don't fly, despite many attempts) Now it weighs too much for jumping. Mostly batteries.

    If this basher is an EMAXX clone, I'll pass, for the same reason I haven't ordered anything from RCT. But it does look pretty tough.

    1:50 for the truck. 5:00 for the circus.


    Basher.com for specs.

    So the RTR EMAXX cost more than the sum of it's parts? Very interesting. Could you recommend a particular seller on ebay? I would much rather build it from scratch. That, and I certainly don't need another Tx or small charger.


  • I have been lusting after an EMAXX all day doing the research, I think it is the one.

    I dont want the standard radio gear, nor a bodyshell, and I want to go custom chassis with CNC'd aluminium from fastlanemachine, just beautiful parts.


    So Im tempted to take my time and build from the ground up based on the FLM chassis, although looking at the exploded chassis views there is a lot of parts which intimidates a little! Perhaps an option to find a 2nd hand rolling chassis and replace with FLM parts as desired.

    Thomas I understand you are still using the 3DR power module, albeit with a dedicated lipo for the APM? If so are you using the output end of the PM for power to distribution board for sensors etc?

    There are many good reasons to be in the U.S. (will be looking for a job in San Fran early next year), sourcing R.c. parts cheaply is one of them!
    1/10 Scale, EMAXX | FastLane Machine
  • Have to agree with you on the steering wheel idea. I have one in a box somewhere...
    I managed to mount my APM in a 4x4 stampede. Looking for something smaller now. Maybe a 1/16 summit.
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