starting a ardurover

I'm very new at this, I was wanting to make a unmanned ardurover which I could set up to controll lawn mover, I wasn't sure what kind of programs that I would need for this, if I should get a eletric or gas motor. How many cc's should the motor be.A basic list of stuff that would be needed to start the projectThank you, very much

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  • Hi, I'm also building a robot lawn mower and of course it must be electric.

    I will use 2 wheechair motors for "travelling" around and the mechanic of a reel mower (with its own motor)

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  • I am another person who is very new to all this and also working on an autonomous lawnmower. I say to use an electric motor. The gas power motors have a lot more things that can go wrong, and more difficult to repair should anything go wrong.

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  • I'm building a robot lawn mower. I suggest you go electric for safety reasons.
    Have a look at others as suggested above. I'm sure you'll have your own design.
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    I recommend that you first search the web for blogs/articles/projects on robot/autonomous lawnmowers. I know that there are many robot lawnmower projects on the web as I have run across them while search the web. After you have done that, bring us a list of what you think you might need and we will help you decide what to do.



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