I took my bot out of storage after a few months (too busy for fun !). Updated MP to 1.3.24 and took it outside. Link is fine and  I get 13 sats and everything seems good but the location of the bot on th MP flight data screen is off by at least 200 feet ! I have never seen this before - usually the displayed position is +/- 5 feet.


Anybody have any idea what gives ?


It is a standard Pixhawk with 3D GPS (incl external compass). No modifications.


On another note - anybody know of a good laptop/tablet with a sunlight readable screen ? I can barely see anything on the laptop I have ( old eyes).

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  • Admin


    Why are you using MP 1.3.24? The latest MP is 1.3.28.



  • Hi heliboy,

    I have the same problem after the MP update with ardurover (1.48 and 1.49), sometime after the GPS fix, the rover alway stay at the same location on the display, need to restart the pixhawk, connect MP again and the rover location moving normaly on display.

    For the laptop, the Dell ATG series has a good screen for the outdoor use.


    • jean-luc:


      You are absolutely correct. After a restart and a hour later the position was normal. Thanks. I will look into Dell ATG.

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