yet another rear steer question

Hey guys, I have been googling this question for a bit, an posted on another forum.  With no luck.  Hoping someone here may have some experience with this what I want to do.

What I want is rear steer.  But I dont want it independent.  I have a Spectrum DX5 5ch dual stick transmitter an receiver setup.  I want to be able to use my 5th channel (which is a switch) to enable or disable rear steer, an when enabled I want it to work with the front steering channel.

What I am thinking is power from the 5th channel an the digital signal from the steering channel.

At this time, my 4 other channels are being used with normal RC functions an my FPV.  So left stick works throttle an camera Left/Right.  My right stick works steering an camera Up/Down.  Leaving me only the 5th channel to use which is a switch.

Is this doable with the transmitter I have, or do I need to consider more channels an moving my FPV off the sticks?


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  • So unless I am not looking for the right thing, I am unable to find a RC Relay Switch.


    So I think I got a solution.

    I can buy a servo Y cable with built in servo reverser for the rear channel which would be used in a full time rear steering setup.  And then the following electronic on/off which can be ran off the 5th channel.



    This electronic on/off switch connects to the 5th channel, an then has a female servo connector which has a unused 3rd pin which could be used for the signal from the reverser.


    So what I need to look at now is determining which pin on a servo connector is positive, negative, an signal.



  • All I am finding is a power switch which is controlled by a channel.  Are you suggesting that I provide a dedicated power source thru a BEC to the servo an branch the signal from the front servo to the rear?


  • Ok, so I am fairly new to the RC hobby.  Can you please elaborate as too what your talking about how it works?


  • Use an rc relay switch to control power to the rear steering servo or setup channel mixing on your tx if it has the option
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