Hi all,

I am trying to get a Controller Certificate for a self-built system. Since manufacturer training is not an option, I understood that I need to generate my own “manufacturers training” and certificate from that.

Anybody have an experience in writing such training? How detailed it should be? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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  • UAV Controllers Certificates are not model specific.

    Rather than dictate each specific model of aircraft that you can fly, they are issued with class restrictions instead ie "Multirotor <7kg" or "Multirotor <20kg".

    So as part of your Controller Certificate application just find any Manufacturers Training that is for an aircraft in the same class as your self-built, and you should be covered when the licence is issued.

    • I support that idea. The mass of the aircraft is important due to the potential damage or injury it can cause. While aircraft under say 1KG may not require a license, there should be a safety notice place on the craft or the packaging.

      There is no double these can cause injury at any size, flying a 100mm quadcopter around the park, shouldn't be a crime.

  • Is there a training manual for the DJI platforms? There are plenty of money camera people with these. Maybe they have a generic doc that would do the job. I guess CASA don't ask them or  want to check their call sign.

    Set the FC fence to 400 ft vertical and don't worry about the documentary. Then tell them not to fly over people and stay in sight of the bloody thing. Check the batteries and the props are secure every time it goes up.

    Its sure to be back in peaces faster than it can fall from 10m.


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