Emas MT2213 / DJI 9450 Thrust Prop Compatability

Hi All, I'm building my very first UAV quadcopter based on the Pixhawk2 controller with the DJI F450 frame (original, not Chinese knock off) and to my surprise it was delivered with a set of the new DJI 9450 thrust props.I have already ordered Emax MT2213 motors with 30A ESC's but I don't know if they are compatible with the DJI 9450 props.Anyone know if this setup will work or should I get the 1045 props that Emax recommend?

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  • Should work fine. 1045 props will make little difference but will likely be quieter. Be sure to by a balancer and balance each prop. Check ESCs are compatible with FCs , some just smoke and die, and are only suitable for direct receiver control.

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