Saving APM settings on mission planner, can we?

Giddy everyone, I heard it was possible to save an APM settings on mission planner so that it's possible to use them again on another APM or maybe a pix hawk? Even just to back up the data settings, in case you need to reset for some reason. Please can anyone help with this :)

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  • Not sure if you have had a reply to this one. Apologies if you have!

    Yes you can save the parameters list. Just go to configuration/advanced-parameters in Mission Planner and its an option.

    • Hi,

      I didn't find any "saving to file" option for the parameters...

      the only thing I found was about flight log downloading.

      can you be more precise ?


    • found it: in full list of advance parameters

    • Thank you very much, I haven't had much luck with replies here so I really appreciate the help. I've had a glitch with my APM, only now and then it'll just lock into a turn with motor full. So I'm trying to save the settings and try another board to see if it's the problem or not. Thanks again.
    • It is my experience, most issues like you describe are a result of motor, cable or ESC malfunction. For example I had a motor with a slipping shaft, the faster it ran the slower the pro went. The FC couldn't work with that situation and crashed the copter. PWM cable controlling the ESC will kill a motor mid flight and dodgy ESC will do crazier stuff.

      I hope this helps.


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